Drama Episodes

Ep Title Decade/Type Genre(s) Final Rating
126 UHF 80s Movie Comedy Drama Nostalgic (Disputed)
121 Remember the Titans 2000s Movie Drama Sport Biography Nostalgic (Disputed)
120 Newsies 90s Movie Drama History Musical Classic (Unanimous)
115 Top Gun 80s Movie Action Drama Romance Classic (Disputed)
114 The Lion King 90s Movie Adventure Animated Drama Classic (Unanimous)
109 SpaceCamp 80s Movie Drama Adventure Sci-fi Nostalgic (Disputed)
106 The Boy Who Could Fly 80s Movie Drama Family Fantasy Classic (Disputed)
105 LotR: The Fellowship of the Ring 2000s Movie Adventure Drama Fantasy Classic (Unanimous)
104 Sneakers 90s Movie Drama Comedy Crime Nostalgic (Disputed)
103 Jaws 70s Movie Thriller Drama Adventure Classic (Unanimous)
98 The X-Files: Fight the Future 90s Movie Sci-fi Drama Mystery Classic (Disputed)
94 The Truman Show 90s Movie Comedy Sci-fi Drama Draw
93 The Breakfast Club 80s Movie Comedy Drama Classic (Disputed)
87 Son in Law 90s Movie Comedy Drama Romance Nostalgic (Unanimous)
82 A Few Good Men 90s Movie Thriller Drama Classic (Unanimous)
73 Groundhog Day 90s Movie Comedy Drama Romance Nostalgic (Unanimous)
66 A League of Their Own 90s Movie Comedy Sport Drama Nostalgic (Disputed)
63 Three Men and a Baby 80s Movie Comedy Family Drama Nostalgic (Disputed)
58 Twister 90s Movie Action Adventure Drama Nostalgic (Disputed)
56 The Mighty Ducks 90s Movie Comedy Sport Drama Classic (Disputed)
55 The Wizard 80s Movie Adventure Comedy Drama Nostalgic (Disputed)
48 The Sixth Sense 90s Movie Thriller Drama Mystery Tragic (Disputed)
31 The Cutting Edge 80s Movie Drama Sport Romance Draw
25 Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves 90s Movie Action Adventure Drama Classic (Unanimous)
21 Apollo 13 90s Movie Adventure Drama History Classic (Unanimous)
20 The Karate Kid 80s Movie Action Family Drama Classic (Unanimous)
9 *batteries not included 80s Movie Comedy Sci-fi Drama Tragic (Unanimous)
7 Anne of Green Gables 80s TV Family Drama Classic (Unanimous)

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