Fantasy Episodes

Ep Title Decade/Type Genre(s) Final Rating
151 Gremlins 80s Movie Comedy Fantasy Horror Classic (Disputed)
148 DragonHeart 90s Movie Action Adventure Fantasy Nostalgic (Disputed)
147 Ewoks: Battle for Endor 80s TV Adventure Family Fantasy Nostalgic (Unanimous)
144 Legend 80s Movie Adventure Fantasy Romance Nostalgic (Disputed)
141 Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace 90s Movie Sci-fi Adventure Fantasy Nostalgic (Disputed)
137 LotR: The Two Towers 2000s Movie Adventure Fantasy Drama Classic (Disputed)
113 The Flash TV Pilot 90s TV Action Fantasy Crime Nostalgic (Unanimous)
106 The Boy Who Could Fly 80s Movie Drama Family Fantasy Classic (Disputed)
105 LotR: The Fellowship of the Ring 2000s Movie Adventure Drama Fantasy Classic (Unanimous)
101 Santa Claus The Movie 80s Movie Adventure Family Fantasy Nostalgic (Disputed)
84 Jumanji 90s Movie Adventure Family Fantasy Classic (Disputed)
83 Stay Tuned 90s Movie Comedy Fantasy Nostalgic (Disputed)
42 Angels in the Outfield 90s Movie Family Sport Fantasy Nostalgic (Unanimous)
28 Mary Poppins 60s Movie Comedy Family Fantasy Classic (Unanimous)
26 Monty Python and the Holy Grail 70s Movie Adventure Comedy Fantasy Classic (Disputed)
22 The NeverEnding Story 80s Movie Adventure Family Fantasy Classic (Unanimous)
19 Duck Tales: The Movie 90s Movie Adventure Animated Fantasy Tragic (Disputed)
13 Labyrinth 80s Movie Adventure Family Fantasy Tragic (Disputed)
8 Return to Oz 80s Movie Adventure Family Fantasy Tragic (Disputed)
3 Masters of the Universe 80s Movie Adventure Sci-fi Fantasy Tragic (Disputed)

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