Romance Episodes

Ep Title Decade/Type Genre(s) Final Rating
234 Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of the Clones 2000s Movie Adventure Sci-fi Romance Tragic (Disputed)
226 Howl's Moving Castle 2000s Movie Fantasy Animated Romance Classic (Disputed)
223 The Parent Trap 60s Movie Comedy Family Romance Nostalgic (Disputed)
180 Return to Me 2000s Movie Comedy Romance Nostalgic (Disputed)
177 A Knight's Tale 2000s Movie Adventure Action Romance Classic (Unanimous)
152 Grease 70s Movie Romance Musical Nostalgic (Disputed)
145 Lady and the Tramp 50s Movie Animated Drama Romance Nostalgic (Disputed)
144 Legend 80s Movie Adventure Fantasy Romance Nostalgic (Disputed)
138 Ever After: A Cinderella Story 90s Movie Comedy Drama Romance Classic (Disputed)
115 Top Gun 80s Movie Action Drama Romance Classic (Disputed)
87 Son in Law 90s Movie Comedy Drama Romance Nostalgic (Unanimous)
73 Groundhog Day 90s Movie Comedy Drama Romance Nostalgic (Unanimous)
65 Can't Hardly Wait 90s Movie Comedy Romance Draw
33 Romancing the Stone 80s Movie Adventure Comedy Romance Draw
31 The Cutting Edge 80s Movie Drama Sport Romance Draw

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