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15 Episodes with Dallas

Ep Title Decade/Type Dallas's Rating Final Rating
265 The Nightmare Before Christmas 90s Movie Classic Tragic (Disputed)
252 The Peanut Butter Solution 80s Movie Tragic Tragic (Unanimous)
245 Batman: The Movie 60s Movie Nostalgic Nostalgic (Disputed)
239 The Matrix Revolutions 2000s Movie Nostalgic Classic (Disputed)
227 Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker 2000s Movie Nostalgic Nostalgic (Disputed)
213 Gojira 50s Movie Classic Classic (Disputed)
211 Ghostbusters 80s Movie Classic Classic (Disputed)
188 Batman Returns 90s Movie Classic Nostalgic (Disputed)
172 Superman 2 80s Movie Nostalgic Tragic (Disputed)
166 Superman 70s Movie Classic Classic (Unanimous)
161 Highlander 80s Movie Classic Classic (Disputed)
143 Pokémon: The First Movie - Mewtwo Strikes Back 90s Movie Classic Nostalgic (Disputed)
133 The Matrix 90s Movie Classic Classic (Unanimous)
125 The Transformers: The Movie 80s Movie Nostalgic Nostalgic (Unanimous)
124 Blade Runner 80s Movie Classic Classic (Disputed)