Austin Powers International Man of Mystery

Dr. Evil is out to destroy the world, but the RRP crew is ready to see if Austin Powers has what it takes to stop him, and entertain us in the process.

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In this Episode:

  • 00:05:29 ROUNDTABLE: We play the TV spot for Austin Powers and give an overview of the technical specs of this Mike Myers movie
  • 00:08:55 LIKES: The aspects of this comedy spy movie, which were quite groovy
  • 00:25:58 TRIVIA & SOCIALIZE: Trivia from and feedback on Austin Powers from our listeners via Facebook Group, Twitter, and Instagram
  • 00:33:42 DISLIKES: Elements of this fish out of water story that need to drown
  • 00:50:27 FINAL RATING: Classic (Disputed)
  • 00:54:34 FEEDBACK & ANNOUNCEMENTS: Show announcements, and how to contact us

🎬 Austin Powers International Man of Mystery Technicals, Cast, and Crew

  • Released: April 29, 1997
  • Runs: 1hr 29min
  • Rated: PG-13
  • Directed by: Jay Roach
  • Written by: Mike Myers
  • With the lead stars being: Mike Myers, Elizabeth Hurley, Michael York
  • And Music composed by: George S. Clinton
  • Austin Powers was made for $16.5 Million and earned over $67 Million at the box office.