Five Fantastic Beasts of 80s Cinema

While Harry Potter has a great bestiary of creatures, there are some beasties in 80s cinema that are on par (or even rival) the imagination of J.K Rowling. Here are five fantasy film creations you should seek out.

Five Fantastic Beasts of 80s Cinema

Winged Devourers

The Beastmaster (1982)

Although the mind-controlled Death Guard that always chased you was the stuff of nightmares, the Winged Devourers we even more terrifying, because whether your intentions were good or evil - get caught in their embrace and you would be bones in no time!


Willow (1988)

When Willow Ufgood uses Cherlindrea's wand on a troll would to stop it, he soon gets an education in using wizard tools without care, as that ape size troll becomes the two headed, two story tall, dragon Eborsisk.


The Flight of Dragons (1982)

While a huge, dragon-like beast can be daunting, a swarm of beasts can be unescapable. So are the Sandmirks, when the chittering sound of their horde escalates it can drive anyone to madness and comma.


Labyrinth (1986)

Journey through the labyrinth of 80's movies and you will find a plethora of bad beasts (Jefe, what is a plethor?). But around some turns you will encounter gentle giants like Ludo, with rock summoning powers to boot.

Meg Mucklebones

Legend (1985)

You may scoff at not including Darkness on this list but as much as Tim Curry exudes lust for destroying all good, Robert Picardo as Meg Mucklbones exemplifies creepieness. Yet another reason to stay out of the swamp without a sword.

There are many more 80s creatures - what are some of your favorites?

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