Ashley Ruiz

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12 Episodes with Ashley

Ep Title Decade/Type Ashley's Rating Final Rating
260 Addams Family Values 90s Movie Nostalgic Tragic (Disputed)
257 The Wedding Singer 90s Movie Classic Classic (Unanimous)
255 50 First Dates 2000s Movie Tragic Nostalgic (Disputed)
251 The Prince of Egypt 90s Movie Nostalgic Classic (Disputed)
241 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 80s Movie Classic Classic (Unanimous)
235 The Addams Family 90s Movie Nostalgic Nostalgic (Unanimous)
226 Howl's Moving Castle 2000s Movie Classic Classic (Disputed)
223 The Parent Trap 60s Movie Nostalgic Nostalgic (Disputed)
215 Mickey's Christmas Carol 80s Movie Classic Classic (Disputed)
208 Robin Hood: Men in Tights 90s Movie Nostalgic Nostalgic (Disputed)
205 Mulan 90s Movie Classic Classic (Disputed)
201 The Secret of NIMH 80s Movie Nostalgic Nostalgic (Unanimous)