Chris Cowan

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12 Episodes with Chris

Ep Title Decade/Type Chris's Rating Final Rating
237 Austin Powers International Man of Mystery 90s Movie Classic Classic (Disputed)
231 Time Bandits 80s Movie Tragic Tragic (Disputed)
195 Young Guns 80s Movie Tragic Tragic (Disputed)
171 Die Hard 80s Movie Classic Classic (Unanimous)
116 Toy Story 90s Movie Classic Classic (Unanimous)
102 Wayne's World 90s Movie Nostalgic Classic (Disputed)
100 GoldenEye 90s Movie Classic (Disputed)
88 What About Bob? 90s Movie Classic Classic (Disputed)
74 Back to the Future 2 80s Movie Classic Classic (Unanimous)
72 An American Tail 80s Movie Nostalgic Nostalgic (Disputed)
67 Encino Man 90s Movie Nostalgic Nostalgic (Unanimous)
58 Twister 90s Movie Nostalgic Nostalgic (Disputed)