Nate Henderson

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14 Episodes with Nate

Ep Title Decade/Type Nate's Rating Final Rating
245 Batman: The Movie 60s Movie Nostalgic Nostalgic (Disputed)
237 Austin Powers International Man of Mystery 90s Movie Nostalgic Classic (Disputed)
195 Young Guns 80s Movie Tragic Tragic (Disputed)
189 Super Ghouls n' Ghosts 90s Video Game Nostalgic Nostalgic (Disputed)
179 Tombstone 90s Movie Classic Classic (Disputed)
171 Die Hard 80s Movie Classic Classic (Unanimous)
154 The Three Musketeers 90s Movie Tragic Nostalgic (Disputed)
121 Remember the Titans 2000s Movie Nostalgic Nostalgic (Disputed)
100 GoldenEye 90s Movie Classic (Disputed)
91 The Rock 90s Movie Classic Classic (Unanimous)
82 A Few Good Men 90s Movie Classic Classic (Unanimous)
75 Major Payne 90s Movie Tragic Classic (Disputed)
63 Three Men and a Baby 80s Movie Nostalgic Nostalgic (Disputed)
60 Pee Wee's Big Adventure 80s Movie Nostalgic Draw