Jurassic Park

Welcome, to Retro Rewind Podcast's, review, of Jurassic Park. Find out if this start to the dino-franchise still holds up, or if it should go extinct.

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In this Episode:

  • 00:06:53 ROUNDTABLE: We play the TV spot for Jurassic Park and give an overview of the technical specs of this film
  • 00:10:38 LIKES: The aspects of this Speilberg film that maintains all his film making magic
  • 00:33:19 TRIVIA & SOCIALIZE: Trivial questions for the hosts and listeners. Then feedback on Jurassic Park from our listeners via Facebook Group, Twitter, and Instagram
  • 00:44:48 DISLIKES: Elements of this dinosaur flick that need to go extinct
  • 01:20:57 FINAL RATING: Classic (Unanimous)
  • 01:25:02 FEEDBACK & ANNOUNCEMENTS: Show announcements, and how to contact us
  • 01:33:58 YOUNG INDIANA JONES: Ch 6 Review

🎬 Jurassic Park Technicals, Cast, and Crew

  • Released: June 11, 1993
  • Runs: 2hr 7min
  • Rated: PG-13
  • Directed by: Steven Spielberg
  • Written by: Michael Crichton, David Koepp
  • With the lead stars being: Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum
  • And Music composed by: John Willians
  • Jurassic Park was made for $63 Million and earned over $1 Billion world-wide at the box office. But for this game, we’re going to focus on how much it made in the US alone - which is only just over $350 Million.