King Kong vs Godzilla

When East meets West, reptile takes on mammal, and fire clashes with lightning, the RRP crew is there to let you know if the battle between Godzilla and King Kong is worth watching today.

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In this Episode:

  • 00:08:29 ROUNDTABLE: We play the TV spot for King Kong vs Godzilla and give an overview of the technical specs of this giant monster movie
  • 00:13:02 LIKES: The aspects of kaiju "cage" match which were killer
  • 00:38:17 TRIVIA & SOCIALIZE: Trivia from and feedback on King Kong vs Godzilla from our listeners via Facebook Group, Twitter, and Instagram
  • 00:46:33 DISLIKES: Elements of this monster mash-up that were muddled
  • 01:09:31 FINAL RATING: Nostalgic (Disputed)
  • 01:19:57 FEEDBACK & ANNOUNCEMENTS: Show announcements, and how to contact us
  • 01:30:46 YOUNG INDIANA JONES: Ch. 13

馃幀 King Kong vs Godzilla Technicals, Cast, and Crew

  • Released: August 11, 1962
  • Runs: 1h 31min
  • Rated: Unrated
  • Directed by: Ishir么 Honda, Tom Montgomery
  • Written by: Shin'ichi Sekizawa, Paul Mason
  • With the lead stars being: Tadao Takashima, Kenji Sahara, Y没 Fujiki
  • And Music composed by: Akira Ifukube
  • King Kong vs Godzilla was made for about $620,000 [The Japanese version cost 楼150 million ($420,000). The American version cost a further $200,000.] and earned about $10 million at the box office, world-wide, not counting inflation.