The Dark Crystal

The RR Pod crew continue their search and ask, “Where in Time is Capt. Francisco?” Their pursuit leads them to 1982's The Dark Crystal. Will their journey with the crystal shard lead to a “Tragic” end? Or to a “Classic” ending of redemption?

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In this Episode:

  • 00:07:30 ROUNDTABLE: We play the TV spot for The Dark Crystal and give an overview of the technical specs of this film
  • 00:16:58 LIKES: The aspects of this Jim Henson film that still casts it's movie magic
  • 00:33:29 SOCIALIZE: Feedback on The Dark Crystal from our listeners via Facebook Group, Twitter, and Instagram
  • 00:35:29 DISLIKES: Elements of this puppet driven film which really could have used a hand
  • 00:53:45 FINAL RATING: Nostalgic (Disputed)
  • 00:58:48 FEEDBACK & ANNOUNCEMENTS: Show announcements, and how to contact us