The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

We travel back to Middle Earth one more time to wrap up Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy - but not before finding out what has been happening on the R.R. Pod over the past few episodes, and if Capt. Francisco will ever be found.

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In this Episode:

  • 00:05:11 ROUNDTABLE: We play the TV spot for The Return of the King and give an overview of the technical specs of this Middle Earth film
  • 00:11:40 LIKES: The aspects of this conclusion in the Lord of the Rings story that we didn't want to end
  • 00:33:41 SOCIALIZE: Feedback on from our listeners via Facebook Group, Twitter, and Instagram
  • 00:35:35 DISLIKES: Elements of this the Return of the King that should have stayed in exile
  • 01:00:18 FINAL RATING: Classic (Unanimous)
  • 01:04:52 FEEDBACK & ANNOUNCEMENTS: Show announcements, and how to contact us